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> Fremantle, Infos hab ich, Bilder such ich
Beitrag 8. Feb 2003, 12:48 | Beitrag #1
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Beitrag 8. Feb 2003, 12:37 | Beitrag #2
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Hy Leuts, also wie gesagt, ich suche Bilder der HMAS Fremantle...
Hier die Infos:(damit ihr auch was von habt)

Type: Australian Fast Patrol Boat
Displacement: 214 tones (211 tons)
Dimensions: 41,8m x 7,1 m x 1,8 m (137ft 2in x 23ft 4in x 6ft)
Machinery: Triple screw diesel engine
Main armament: One 40 mm (1.6in) gun
Launched: 1979

In December 1977, the Australian government decided to purchase 15 large patrol boats. Fremantle was the lead ship of the class and was laid down in the December of tht year. Launched in 1979, she was commissioned on 17 March 1980. She was built by Brooke Marine of Lowestoft, England, while the remaining boats were built by North Queensland Engineers at Cairn, Australia. These are fairly large patrol boats, and faster than the Attack-class vessels which previously fulfilled this role.The Royal Australian navy uses them for long-range coastal patrols to prevent smuggling and the landing of illegal immigrants. Their armament is thus comparatively light, being confined to a single 40mm (1.6 in) Bofors dual purpose gun, a pair of single 12,7 mm (0.5 in) heavy machine guns, and an 81 mm (3.2 in) mortar vapable of firing parachute flares. The reasonable size of these ships, however, would permit the installation of extra sensors and light missile systems should they be required. They have a flushdecked hull, with a monobloc superstructure that houses the bridge, the command centre and the exhaust uptake. Two MTU diesel engines  develop a total of more than 6000 hp, wghile a supplementary Doorman diesel allows long range cruuising at eight knots. Fremantle has a range of 2755km(1450 miles) at 30 knots, but can achiev nearly 9120 km (4800 miles) at eigth knots. She has a full crew complement of 22 officers and men.

(Quelle:Chris Marshall "The Enceclopedia of ships - The History and Specifications of over 1200 Ships")
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Carpe Mortem Donryu
Beitrag 8. Feb 2003, 13:53 | Beitrag #3
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Wenn ich dazu nochmal auf die Regeln verweisen darf.

- bitte keine Anfragen stellen, die jeder nach 2sec googlen beantworten kann, dies ist ein Diskussionsforum und keine Google-Sklavenanstalt. Also erst selber suchen und dann, wenn Probleme auftauchen, im entsprechenden Forum fragen

Für's nächstemal bitte.


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