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Parallel zum entsprechenden Thread im Fahrzeugbereich gedacht, nachdem wir ja nur einen Thread fr US-Hubschrauber haben.

Bild: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u63/Lancero2/maio/20070522163232ENLUS0101610611798515.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

PHILIPPINES HELICOPTER CRASH-epa01016106 Philippine Air Force troops go around a military helicopter that crash-landed in an open field in Liloan, Cebu province of the central Philippines, 22 May 2007. Initial reports from Liloan police said that four military crew and two possible civilians were on board during the crash. No deaths were reported but passengers sustained injuries and were brought to a nearby hospital as investigation continues to determine the cause of the crash. EPA/STR

Major Steiner
Das ist eine sehr gute Idee hier mal so einen thread aufzumachen. xyxthumbs.gif

Auf dem Bild kann man im Grenvergleich zu den Soldaten gut erkennen wie riesig breit die Rotorbltter beim Zweiblatt Huey sind.
Gut, dann gab es doch keinen versteckten Thread, dachte mir es kann doch keinen Thread fr US-Hubschrauber existieren, wenn es nichtmal einen allgemeinen gibt. biggrin.gif

17 September 2004 - Venezuelan Air Force Mirage 50 crashed
Today, a Mirage 50 fighter jet of the Fuerza Area Venezolana (FAV) crashed. The Mirage 50 serialled FAV6732 was on final approach when there was a flameout of the engine. The pilot ejected safely before the aircraft crashed into the approach lights in front of the runway.
The Mirage 50 belongs to 33 Squadron which is part of Grupo Areo de Caza 11 Diablos. The aircraft are operated alongside the F-16s at El LIbertador AB. The Mirage 50DV and 50EV are upgraded Mirage IIIE and V aircraft which were purchased in the 1970s.

Bild: http://www.milavia.net/news/images/fav-6732_1.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bild: http://www.milavia.net/news/images/fav-6732_2.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bei Milavia gefunden.

Major Steiner
4.September 2001: A-10 bei Trainingsflug zerschellt, Pilot konnte sich retten.

Bild: http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2001/Sep-04-Tue-2001/photos/home.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Tuesday, September 04, 2001
Copyright Las Vegas Review-Journal
Fighter jet crashes; pilot ejects to safety

Training flight originated at Nellis

A fighter jet crashed Monday into an Arizona cliff near Mesquite about a half-hour after taking off from Nellis Air Force Base.

The pilot ejected safely before the single-seat A-10 Thunderbolt II struck mountainous terrain and burst into flames in the Virgin River Gorge about 100 miles northeast of Las Vegas in extreme northwest Arizona.

The Air Force is investigating the crash, which destroyed the $8.8 million aircraft.

Witnesses to the 1 p.m. incident said they saw the plane "mock dogfighting" and performing maneuvers such as dives and barrel rolls in the minutes preceding the incident.

Air Force officials said the pilot was on a routine, low-altitude navigational training mission and was not participating in Red Flag exercises at Nellis.

The twin-engine aircraft had departed Nellis about 1:30 p.m. in formation with two other A-10s, said Col. Steve Rapp, vice commander of the 57th Wing at Nellis. They were bound for Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M., one of several stops in a cross-country exercise.

But crash witnesses Eddie and Traci Roberts said the maneuvers seemed anything but routine.

The Robertses were traveling on Interstate 15 on their way back to Las Vegas from Zion National Park when they noticed the three planes.

"They start swooping back and forth and flying low, doing barrel rolls, rolling from side to side," said Eddie Roberts, 33. "They were cutting back around canyon walls."

Seconds later, the Robertses said they saw two of the aircraft -- nicknamed Warthogs -- ascend and noticed a bright glint on the one that didn't climb.

"Then we saw it just hit the side of the mountain," Eddie Roberts said. "The explosion had to be about a hundred times larger than the aircraft itself."

Lt. Col. Joan Ferguson said she couldn't explain what the witnesses reported but suggested they might be misidentifying the aerial maneuvers they were watching.

"What the witnesses may describe as barrel rolls may not be what we call barrel rolls," she said. "While I don't doubt what they saw, their description would probably be different from ours."

Ferguson said pilots are authorized to maneuver aggressively to maintain safe terrain clearance.

The pilot of the crashed aircraft escaped the incident with only scratches and bruises.

"He's in good shape considering the circumstances," Rapp said at an afternoon briefing outside Nellis' main gate. "He's in a little bit of a shock, but he is lucid. ... He just was so glad that he was rescued."

The pilot's name was not released pending notification of relatives. All three planes belong to the 23rd Fighter Group based at Pope Air Force Base near Fayetteville, N.C. They were assigned to the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C.

Motorists traveling I-15 between Mesquite and St. George, Utah, reported seeing the jet drop from the two other aircraft.

Shortly after witnesses saw black smoke billowing from the gorge, the pilot set off a flare. He then trekked about 150 meters with his parachute in tow to a site where a Metropolitan Police Department Search and Rescue helicopter could safely airlift him, Rapp said.

He was flown to O'Callaghan Federal Hospital at the base, where he was expected to be kept overnight for observation, base spokesman Mike Estrada said.

When the police helicopter landed at the base, the pilot was able to get out and walk without assistance. The two other A-10 pilots flew their planes back to Nellis for interviews about the incident, Estrada said.

When asked why the New Mexico-bound planes were flying toward Utah, Rapp explained that the training exercise's flight path was not in a straight line.

The pilots were instructed to first go north, then turn east, then south. The crash site was near one of the three turning points on their route, Rapp said.

A-10s are designed for close air support of ground forces. According to the Air Force, A-10s flew 8,100 sorties during the Persian Gulf War, launching 90 percent of the Maverick missiles used in Operation Desert Storm.

Monday's accident was the first crash of a fighter that took off from Nellis since March 23, when a German Air Force fighter-bomber participating in Red Flag exercises crashed about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Both crew members were killed.

Die Wrackteile wurden anscheinend nur teilweise gerumt, eine private Gruppe hat spter Fotos gemacht:

Bild: http://www.mtn-man.org/images/vegas/DSCN5124_1.JPG (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bild: http://www.mtn-man.org/images/vegas/DSCN5117_1.JPG (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Mehr Bilder konnte ich ber den Vorfall bisher leider nicht finden.

Major Steiner

dit: Beschdigte A-10 Thunderbolt II vom 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing (Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Bild: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Stories1/001-100/0016_A-10-battle-damage/01.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Quelle mit mehr Bildern und Text

Ganz unten auf der Seite sind Bilder zu einem in Afghanistan abgestrzten niederlndischen Chinook. Leider Copyright, deswegen kann ich die Bilder hier nicht reinstellen.

Und dann hab ich hier noch was:

"On October 28th 1939, 602 (City of Glasgow) and 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadrons together brought down the first enemy aircraft of World War II to crash on British soil, a Heinkel HE 111 which force landed only 10 miles from Drem beside the village of Gifford."

(From The History of 609 Squadron by Frank Zeigler.)

Bild: http://www.vord.net/609/drem/heinkel_crashed.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bild: http://www.vord.net/609/drem/heinkel_bomber.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bild: http://www.vord.net/609/drem/heinkel_he111.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Major Steiner
tornado in der schweiz abgestrzt (12.04.07)

Bild: http://www.20min.ch/images/content/1/8/1/18143145/63/5.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)
start bei luzern

Bild: http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/2629/tornadovn7.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)
vermutlich eines der letzten bilder des betroffenen tornados

Bild: http://www.20min.ch/images/content/1/8/1/18143145/63/2.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)
tragisches ende

Bild: http://img398.imageshack.us/img398/4016/84axv7.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bild: http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/9248/tornadoabsturzstellezc5.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)
ungefhre absturzstelle

Kurze Frage...

Drfen hier nur Bilder von Abstrzen rein, die fr die Betroffenen glimpflich ausgingen? confused.gif
Solange du keine Leichen und abgerissene Krperteile zeigst ist das kein Problem.
Bild: http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/8310/airshowzx3.th.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)
Bild: http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/9708/eject1kb3.th.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)
Russische SU-27 strzt am 27.07.2002 bei einer Airshow in Skniliv (Ukraine) in die Menge. Der Pilot konnte sich retten, 80 Zuschauer leider nicht.
Uff, das erweckt Kindheitserinnerung von Ramstein- bertragungen aus dem West- TV... sad.gif
Sieht fast noch bler aus?

MfG jever
ZITAT(revolution @ 25. Jun 2007, 13:20) [snapback]887353[/snapback]
Russische SU-27 strzt am 27.07.2002 bei einer Airshow in Skniliv (Ukraine) in die Menge. Der Pilot konnte sich retten, 80 Zuschauer leider nicht.

was ist denn mit der maschine passiert, warum ist die so "angefressen" confused.gif eek.gif

sind die beiden bilder vom selben absturz? die erste ist wirklich russisch? die hat so nen gelbe/blaue kokarden als hoheitsabzeichen.. wobei, die 2te maschine auch. aber wie funktioniert das mit den verschiedenen winkeln, tuscht das mata.gif
Beide Bilder sind vom gleichen Unfall. Die Maschine ist eine Ukrainische ex Sowjetische (Russische) Su-27.

Von dem Unfall gibt es glaube ich auch ein Video, sehr unschn.
Bild: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2007/07/08/nyregion/copter600.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Copter Crashes in Hudson, but No One Is Hurt

A helicopter on a sight-seeing trip crashed into the Hudson River yesterday in the waters between Midtown Manhattan and Weehawken, N.J., rattling the nerves of passengers and rescuers but causing no serious injuries, the authorities said.

The single-engine helicopter, operated by Liberty Helicopters, a helicopter sightseeing and charter company, went down shortly before 5 p.m. in an area of the river near the Lincoln Tunnel. The eight people on board -- seven passengers and one pilot -- were rescued by two recreational motor boats, witnesses and the authorities said.

A Weehawken police official said the helicopter deployed its emergency flotation devices and landed in the water on yellow pontoons.

The helicopter had embarked on a 10-minute sightseeing tour. About eight minutes into the trip, the pilot made a controlled landing, a Fire Department spokesman said. The cause of the crash was under investigation.

Jose Mejia, 21, an off-duty Fire Department emergency medical technician, and his girlfriend were among the passengers. They took the trip as a way to celebrate their fourth anniversary as a couple. As the helicopter made its back to a heliport at West 30th Street, Mr. Mejia said he heard a loud banging noise that sounded like gunfire.

"Very, very, very loud, even with the earphones on," Mr. Mejia said of the sound, which he assumed was some sort of engine failure. The helicopter started falling -- "like a bird out of the sky," he said -- and Mr. Mejia thought he and his girlfriend were going to die.

But the helicopter hit the water, and the pontoons inflated. "When those things inflated underneath the helicopter, that was the most reassuring feeling," he said.

The pilot helped his girlfriend out of her seatbelt harness, and Mr. Mejia helped a teenaged girl sitting next to his girlfriend out of her harness. "I thought that somehting was wrong with her seatbelt," he said. "She kept screaming for help."

Mr. Mejia said he wasnt a hero. He said the real hero was the pilot, a woman whose name was not released. He said she helped calm passengers, gave them directions and orchestrated a smooth landing. "The pilot really had no blame in this," he said. "She did an amazing job. But the company should really be maintaining these helicopters. Thats really my main complaint."

Mike Duffy, 51, a captain of a Circle Line boat, was docked at Pier 83 when he heard a giant splash. He sped there in 45 seconds in his yellow boat, "The Beast." He turned his 149-passenger vessel into a rescue boat, taking some Fire Department personnel to the scene and transporting passengers from one of the motorboats to his boat.

Mr. Duffy said the rescue effort, which included the U.S. Coast Guard as well as police and fire officials, ran smoothly. "It was pretty calm," he said. "It wasnt your typical disaster."

Last night, Liberty officials could not be reached for comment. The company has been conducting sightseeing tours of New York City since September 1990. On New Years Eve in 1997, a Liberty tour helicopter tore into the side of a one-story building at the West 30th Street heliport. The eight people on board received only minor injuries.

Annie Correal contributed reporting.

dit: Quelle vergessen: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/08/nyregion...amp;oref=slogin
Bild: http://img49.imageshack.us/img49/5048/blackhawksomaliapb3.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Blackhawk, Somalia, 1993
Bild: http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/5926/rtr1sxqbdn5.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bild: http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/4622/rtr1sxqcae2.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bild: http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/7069/rtr1sxnygf0.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Philippine Air Force personnel investigate the wreckage of the attack helicopter, August 20, 2007, which crashed in an islet southeast of Basilan island, southern Philippines, on Saturday during the military offensive against militants suspected of beheading 10 troops last month.
The attack helicopter crashed on Saturday killing one of its crew during the military offensive against militants suspected of beheading 10 troops last month.
Bild: http://www.acig.org/artman/uploads/p-30.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)
1971, Vietnam. Ein Ch-53 und ein OH-6 (afaik), beide von einer 37mm Batterie abgeschossen worden.
CH-46 fngt beim Start Feuer:


Bild: http://www.mit.bme.hu/~tade/ac-pict/Hung-AF/WWI/2867cap1.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Brandenburg D.I(Ph) Type KD, Dm 185, Nr 28.67
Dirk Diggler
japanische f-16
Als Klugscheissereinwurf: Japan fliegt keine F-16 - das war eine Mitsubishi F-2B wink.gif
Sieht zwar hnlich aus und hat auch ihre Wurzeln in der Agile Falcon, ist aber ansonsten ein deutlich anderes Flugzeug.
Dirk Diggler
achso - dachte bisher, die japaner htten auch regulre f-16.
Die Japaner selbst nicht, aber die USAF hat diesen Typ in Japan stationiert (35th Fighter Wing auf der Misawa AB mit F-16CJ/DJ)
F117, wohl vor lngerer Zeit aufgenommen in den USA:

Bild: http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/3307/f117crunchao9.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Hm, mal schauen ob ich die Seite wiederfinde, aber die erschien mir 'seris'.

EDIT: War nicht von der Seite, die meinte, die auf der ich's gefunden habe ist... naja. Keine Ahnung.
Warum sollte das eine Flschung sein?
Stealth Fighter kochen auch nur mit Wasser.

On May 1, 1997 #803 experienced a mishap as the aircraft landed at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. This account was published in the Dec 1997 issue of "Air Safety Magazine":

[F-117A #803 post accident.(USAF)]"Mishap No. 1 involved a wind gust, a less than optimum "aerobrake" (taken from the AFI 51-503 reports), and publications that were less than complete or explicit. The doughty aviator employed an aerobrake technique that foreshadowed the precise so that when the headwind hit on landing roll, the combined wind and aircraft energy was enough to propel the mishap aircraft about 100 feet in the air, much to the chagrin of the Mishap Pilot. There being no such thing as a free lunch, or in this case, free energy, the wind shifted to a tailwind and down goes the Nighthawk to the demise of the nose gear and much of the nose structure." The incident occured on Holloman's Runway 22.
The F-117A, assigned to 8th FS (other reliable sources say 9th FS) , was returning from a routine training mission, in conjunction with a local exercise, when at about 9 p.m. the mishap occurred. The mishap pilot was not injured, and ground egressed without incident.You can see by the photo that the pitot probes did in fact engage the BAK-12 cable at the departure end of the runway.

The aircraft was repaired at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale Calif., and returned to flying status in August 1998.

CH53 ber Black-Hawk :
defekte Black-Hawk

Bild von der HP der US-Army. Ob der Hubschrauber tatschlich angehangen und weggeflogen worden ist ???
ZITAT(Hummingbird @ 12. Aug 2007, 22:18) *

Operation Irene?
ZITAT(skape @ 21. Nov 2007, 23:16) *
ZITAT(Hummingbird @ 12. Aug 2007, 22:18) *

Operation Irene?

Ja, was sonst?
Tja was sonst, deshalb frage ich. wink.gif

€dit: Um es zu spezifizieren, es htte ja auch was aus der UNOSOM 1 oder Operation Restore Hope oder so sein knnen, ich weis nicht wann wieviel vom Himmel gefallen ist.
Military plane crashes southeastern Iran

Chabahar, Sistan-Baluchestan prov, Nov 26, IRNA


A military plane belonging to Iran's Army crashed in waters of Chabahar Bay in the Gulf of Oman, southeastern Iran, on Monday.

The Phantom plane crashed while it was maneuvering near the provincial city of Konarak.

SAR luft offenbar noch, Schicksal der Besatzungweiterhin ungewiss... mad.gif

War nicht auf dem neusten Stand...Beide Pilotensind tot! mad.gif


ZITAT(skape @ 21. Nov 2007, 23:16) *
ZITAT(Hummingbird @ 12. Aug 2007, 22:18) *

Operation Irene?

[Vorsicht, Besserwisser] Die Operation hie "Gothic Serpent", "Irene" nur war der Go-Code.
Flgelstck der abgeschossenen F-117 ber Serbien 1999

Bild: http://cdn-www.airliners.net/photos/middle/4/8/4/1290484.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Am 28. Mrz 1999, whrend der NATO-Luftangriffe auf Ziele in Jugoslawien, gelang es dem 3. Bataillon der 250. serbischen Raketen-Brigade, ausgerstet mit einer SA-3 Goa und drei gekoppelten Radarstationen, die F-117A mit der Kennung 82-0806 abzuschieen. Der Pilot konnte sich mit dem Fallschirm retten.

lieber entfernt. sry...
kann das bild irgenwie nicht sehen (schule kontrolliert netzwerk tock.gif )
kann der tornado sowas ueberhaupt ueberstehen?? kann ich mir bei der bauweise schwer vorstellen...
schade das fotografierverbot herrscht

ist das nicht an einen Spottertag (?) passiert?
Im Flugzeugforum.de gibt es einen "Nrvenich"-Thread,
so wie ich dass verstanden habe, waren mehere Spotter am Zaun (OK, toller Spottertag... tounge.gif ), es gab sogar Bilder von der Maschine im final, bloss Bilder vom Resultat (Tornado auf dem Bauch) gab es keine.

ZITAT(SupremeCommanderNyuSan @ 3. Dec 2007, 11:19) *
kann ich mir bei der bauweise schwer vorstellen...

Was frn ne Bauweise? confused.gif Styropor, Spannplatten

Militrisches Fluggert ist in der Regel immer etwas "stabiler" gebaut als Maschinen aus der Zivilluftfahrt, wo jedes Kilo zuviel Sprit und darausfolgend Geld kostet.
Meines Wissens sind die Aussentanks und die dazugehrigen Pylone des Tornados extra dafr ausgelegt ne 'belly landing' (Bauchlandung) auszuhalten.
ZITAT(SeaTiger @ 3. Dec 2007, 16:10) *
Meines Wissens sind die Aussentanks und die dazugehrigen Pylone des Tornados extra dafr ausgelegt ne 'belly landing' (Bauchlandung) auszuhalten.

danke, das wollte ich wissen.
Casa C-295M ber Polen abgestrzt.

B-2 der US-Luftwaffe abgestrzt


hat diesbezglich jemand weitere und genaure infos?
Bild: http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/1117/attachmentte4.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Bild: http://img384.imageshack.us/img384/1664/attachment1de3.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

March 2, 2002 was a black day for the 160th and American special operations in general. Two MH-47E's from 2nd Bat were inserting observation teams in the southern end of the Shah-e-Kot Valley. incomplete

The next morning two more MH-47E's, Razors 1 and 2 approached the mountaintop with members of a Ranger Quick-Reaction Force. Dawn was just begning to break as Razor 1 began it's landing from the south. Immediately heavy small-arms peppered the aircraft and the door gunners began to return fire. Suddenly a RPG round hit the side of the aircraft, but unlike Razor 3 the night before Razor 1 was too badly damaged to limp away and crashed on the mountain top, badly wounding many Rangers and both pilots. To make matters worse the right hand door gunner, Sgt Phil Svitak had been hit by AK-47 fire just before the crash and died soon thereafter. One member of the Ranger QRF was hit and killed inside the aircraft and two more died as they tried to exit and set up fighting positions. Only air support and the supreme effort of the other members of the QRF who'd advanced 2,000 vertical feet under fire after having been dropped off in a safer position below saved the crew and passengers of Razor 1.
hier stand nix!
Bild: http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/4386/80532444zx7.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)

Blackhawk "Super 64" nach RPG Treffer, (am 03.10.1993 in Mogadischu abgestrzt)
das ist aber nach der Sprengung durch eigene Truppen wink.gif
Wer schlau ist versteht was ich geschrieben habe und sieht das Datum auf dem Foto. wink.gif
was du meintest war mir schon klar, aber ist etwas missverstndlich ausgedrckt und nicht dass jemand das Gefhl hat, eine RPG richtet so etwas an (ich meine die zerstrte Zelle, nicht den Absturz) wink.gif
Military jet catches fire after landing
Tehran, April 14, IRNA

An official from Tehran Fire Station said firefighters succeeded to extinguish fire of a military airplane in Tehran Mehrabad Airport Monday afternoon.

The official added, "The Russian-made Sukhoi jet caught fire during a training mission, but the pilot succeeded to land the plane safely."
He said, "The Pilot and the co-pilot are safe, too."

Eine der wenigen IRGC Su-25 hat sich offenbar in Rauch aufgelst...
ZITAT(lord_drizzt78 @ 25. Feb 2008, 08:00) *
B-2 der US-Luftwaffe abgestrzt


hat diesbezglich jemand weitere und genaure infos?

infos nicht, aber ein bildchen:

Bild: http://cache.gizmodo.com/assets/resources/2008/04/deadb2.jpg (Bild automatisch entfernt)
Ist das eigentlich die erste B2 die vom Himmel gefallen ist???
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